Pygmy Gods - Karnopticon

Pygmies have a love/hate relationship with Karnopticon, the insect queen. They rely on her children for food, but fear them for the death and disease they bring. Karnopticon has two manifestations, both Chaotic.

Most of the time, she is the Harvest Queen; A mother figure, providing food, warmth, and comfort. Her children give the pygmies honey, poison for weapons, cocoons for shelter, and prune back the population of other, more dangerous beasts. It is only through her grace that the pygmies can survive. 

Every cycle, she manifests as Blight Queen, and the pygmies must send someone into the depths of the swamps to kill her once more. Those sent never come back. Sometimes the swarms stop, and those sent are posthumously celebrated as heroes; sometimes they don't, and the Pygmies must endure through the famine of the Blight Year that ensues.

Whenever a cleric of Karnopticon invokes her, they must roll a d6. On 1 to 3, they've contacted the Harvest Queen; She will give them food, healing, aid, or shelter. 4 to 6, and they've contacted the Blight Queen, who will ravage their enemies with swarms, disease and famine.

Both manifestations track Favour separately. Sacrifices of food, gold, people or animals can be made to either queen by consigning it to the insects. Tying animals to ant-hills, leaving wood to rot for termites, etc. Harvest Queen approves of helping, healing and creating; Blight Queen approves of consuming, spreading disease, and destroying.

Sacrificing items to one manifestation makes it more likely to summon them instead of their counterpart. Give them one extra point on the d6 for every sacrifice. With 2 sacrifices to the Blight Queen, she can be summoned on 2 to 6.


The elves of Norndrick have made a pact with Karnopticon, selling their collective souls to her in exchange for her aid. They use burrowing worms, flying worms, silk worms and honey worms for all of their needs. Karnopticon is most powerful in swamps, jungles, and in that little pocket of the frozen north.


  1. This is tailor-made for my campaign. Awesome patron!

    1. Give me a minute, I'm just about to write up Invoke, Taint, spellburn and spells for her.