The final battle

It's this bunch of losers:


The City of Vornheim.

In the red corner:

A thief, an elf, a fighter, a frogman, and their magical walking castle.

No. Appearing: 1.
Hit dice: 10d10
AC: 19
Attacks: 4. Hand (3d8), Hand (3d8), Trample (d20), Diamond Eye Laser (d4+d6+d8+d10+d12+d20+d30)

The castle is studded with a thousand tiny glass shards that reflect solid hologram beams, used to make the legs that carry it around. The head and arms are the remaining pieces of a giant golem the party stole from the dwarflands, mashed on so the head can shoot it's laser and the arms can rocket off, punch people, and scuttle back to the castle.

Yes, this is all a little over the top. It's been a long campaign.

In the blue corner:


Due to previous treachery, Vornheim is controlled by two competing Demon-lords. Half of the city is ruled by the Skin King, Odermagroth, and the other half is under the command of the Worm Queen, Flounder. The people in the left half of the city have become mutant insect-men, while the people in the right half constantly drip flesh. To defend the demon lords against treachery, each of these vassals are forbidden from entering the other half of the city. Both of the lords wage a constant, covert war to stab the other demon-lord in the back and take over the entire place. 

They're kept in an eternal stalemate by an enormously intricate series of rules that wind up the city like a clockwork watch. Everything is done according to strict protocols, drawn up by the demons when they took over Vornheim: what food you're allowed to gather, where you can walk, what you can say. For instance, all corpses are devoured by the insects - all except for the skin, which must remain completely pure, so that it can be hung up in the House of the Skin King.

I would like to personally apologize to Zak Smith for what we've done to his setting.


Flounder's Territory


A barricade closes the docks off from the ocean, leaving the water inside still and stagnant. This filthy water is the Spawning Pit of the Worm Queen, which hatches her legions of Mosquito-women.


The largest part of the city, a brutally efficient war machine that works around the clock to armor the Worm Queen's insect warriors.

Noble District

The sell-outs who knelt to the Worm Queen still maintain a puppet leadership, alone in the empty ruins of the noble houses of yore. Important persons:

The Regent. Corrupted into a giant Tick. He sits on the throne of the True Lord of Vornheim, now encrusted with the blood he drains from his subjects. 
Mercy. Leader of the military, a giant hornet with the head of a woman.
Eshgriel. A Medusa, somehow untouched by the mutation that's affected the rest of the city.


The whole district is a hive known as the Parliament Warren, constructed like a labyrinthine wasp's nest. In the center of its coils is the Beuracradome, where the city's former nobility forms a rag-tag Opposition. They must constantly fight for survival against the true Government: Flounder's Mind-slugs and Mystery-men.

Underneath the beauracradome is the massive bulk of the Worm Queen.

The Worm Queen's Army

No. Appearing: 1d6

HP: 50
AC: 15
Attacks: 1. Launch rock (+7, 3d6+6). Takes d4 turns to re-arm. May shoot fire, insect hives, packs of corpses, etc.

Emaciated flying women with lethal proboscises.
No. Appearing: 10d20 in the city and the spawning pits, 2d6 in any one group.
HP: 2d8
AC: 12. 16 if armored from the military district.
Attacks: 1: Plunge +5. They dive-bomb you and sink their proboscis into your flesh. 2d8 damage, save or your blood will be drained in a matter of moments, leaving you as a skeletal husk and them as a bloated, happy blood sack.

Elite soldiers seated on giant worms.
No. Appearing: 2d4.
HP: 120
AC: 34
Attacks: 2. Bite (d10), Scimitar (d8).
Special Attacks: The worms can burrow through anything but solid iron. A typical Death Worm Corps. op involves burrowing a pit under the building and devouring the perps when the floor caves in and they fall down into the waiting mouths of the Worms.

Once a humble Death Worm, grown into an ungodly Queen Worm, one of the most beloved children of Karnopticon.
HP: 120
AC: 38
Attacks: 3. Claw, claw, bite.
Special Attacks: Acid breath, twice a day (damage as HP - save for half, difficulty 34). Corruption curse: save or be deformed into an insect. Invoke Patron: Karnopticon.

I rolled her stats up like a dragon.
Dragons are fucking crazy.

Odermagroth's Territory


Where most of the city lives. The mutant peasants have established their own egalitarian quasi-democracy here - Odermagroth cares not for who rules the city, so long as they kneel to him.

Holy District

The remains of the Eminent Cathedral now forms the House of the Skin King. The flesh of a thousand dead subjects has been stitched together to form a tower in the shape of a massive hand. All his subjects must enter there to worship as often as possible, to receive his blessing and stave off their horrifying skin conditions.


The Skin King generously invites Demons from all across the nine planes to come here and sample the goods of the mortal realm. Slaves of the Worm Queen can make purchases too: 


Blacksmiths, ironmongers and such work here, creating the war materials that are critical to the Worm Queen's War Machine. 

The Skin King's section of the city has no real army. He relies on Flounder for her military might even as he conspires against her. In return he provides an elaborate spy network. He's survived as long as he has by skulking in the shadows.

A dead wizard, grown powerful with sin and skin. He has no physical presence in Vornheim, but can channel his power through the land dedicated to him. The only way to remove him completely from Vornheim would be to destroy every patch of corrupted skin in his sector of the city, or banish him with some kind of powerful religious magic.

The Flesh Lord's main power is his collection of spells and curses.

Flesh Rip: Odermagroth rips the skin clean off a target, instantly halving their max HP.
Animate Skin: A human's skin is animated into a Skinling. It may be skin that's been ripped off, or skin that's still on a target.
Bloat: The target's flesh swells up, bursting armor and popping out around the chinks. -5 AC.

If threatened, he will first try to strike a bargain, talking through the flesh of a party member. He is very willing to help the party destroy Karnopticon, and will make any lie to spare his own skin - but all the while, he'll be making secret plans to betray the party and claim the entire city.

If it becomes clear that he's about to be banished, he will summon all the flesh in the city to him and form a massive flesh-golem of a thousand bodies.

HP: 10d8
AC: 17
Attacks: 2. Lash, lash. The golem forms a tentacle of a hundred screaming humans -somehow still alive- and lashes out with it. It hits all in a large area: +10, d10 damage, save or be absorbed into the flesh golem. It gains the HP of all who are absorbed into it.

Floating, animated patches of ripped-off skin.
HP: d6
AC: 10
Attacks: 1: Peel. The Skinling pulls itself down over a target's head, peeling off and replacing the target's skin. At first the face is peeled off, hanging down off the victim's neck as the Skinling's torso slides down over their screaming mouth. Then the torso and arm skin peels off, replaced by the arm flesh of the Skinling. Finally the Skinling completely covers the body, and the discarded skin shucked from the victim floats off to become another Skinling.


So that's the final battle of the campaign. What the fools don't know is that destroying Flounder and Odermagroth would be just the start of their problems...