The Last Pirates - A murder mystery


Blackeard is dead, and the golden age of piracy dies with him! Will you take the King's Pardon, and live a life of safety? Or fight and die as a free pirate?

This is a free murder mystery party game you can run from your very own home. The game acommodates 10-20 players (plus 1 game master) and takes 2 and a half hours to run. Here's the blurb:

The Pirate King has come to an end at last - not in a bloody shipside battle, but by murder most foul. Before his death, he boasted about having a map to his famous treasure haul. Whoever committed the murder must have taken the map. If you can figure out who it is, you'll have the key to the treasure of a lifetime…

The Last Pirates is a social, conversation-based game. You will be given a character sheet that explains your character and what information you know. Each character will have their own goals, on top of the main murder mystery.  You'll need to take on the role of your character and talk to the other players to discover enough information to solve the mystery and achieve your goals. The other members of your crew, and the Game Masters (GM's), will be there to help you. 

Download all files here.

Read the Player Brief first, then the GM Brief if you plan to run the game.

The game features:

  • Trading, negotiation, haggling and skulduggery. 
  • Truth and Gold, a gambling minigame that pushes players to wager secrets.
  • A non-scripted, sandbox style approach. Players are free to pursue their own goals however they wish. 
  • Teams! Players are split into pirate crews. This helps give new players direction and makes sure everyone feels included. 
  • Entry-level complexity. Each character has a simple 1 page bio. The rules are all as simple and easy to understand as we could make them. We had great success running this for people who have never tried a murder mystery or larp before.
  • No combat mechanics - every player will be in the game 'till the finale. But there is the Black Spot to cause some drama. 
The core murder is deliberately quite tough to solve, but all characters have multiple other goals aside from the main murder. Everyone should be taken up with wheeling, dealing, secrets and negotiation. 

This game was written by myself and Jack Peereboom. The Last Pirates was heavily inspired by Blackened Hearts, which I highly recommend you pick up on DriveThru RPG.

If you end up running the game, or if you have any questions or feedback, please let me know! 

Goblin Knave: Wizard


My first wizard for Goblin Knave today! Click here for the class.


Complexity: High.
Suggested Ability Scores: Intelligence, Wisdom.
Playstyle: Spellcasting, utility and support.


The closer you get to it, the more you degrade. Your vision splits and blurs and corrodes. A fever breaks out in you. You go hot and cold. Your hands grow weak and sweaty. Your eyes grow red. You can't stop crying. You feel like a bag of broken glass. You cough up blood. Black spots growing cancerously through your sight. Your hearing pops and crackles, becomes distant and muffled, until finally you can hear nothing at all. Your legs give out underneath you. Everything feels slick under your touch, like your fingertips themselves are sloughing away. 

Goblin Knave: Acrobat


A nice simple class for Goblin Knave today! Click here for the class.


Complexity: Low.
Suggested Ability Scores: Dexterity, Strength.
Playstyle: Tricks, evasion and cheating death.

Idea: A Foddian Megadungeon

You may have heard of "Foddian Games" like Getting Over It or Jump King (named after Bennet Foddy, the creator of Getting Over It). What makes these games unique is that they push you into situations where you have to risk losing all your progress and starting again from scratch. They are deliberately frustrating, but also very satisfying to master.

In Jump King, you leap upwards, propelled by rumours of a smokin' hot babe at the top. Each time you jump, you risk losing your progress and tumbling all the way back to the start of the game. As you leap higher, you meet ruined and broken men, their legs shattered. Seek not the babe, they tell you. She must be only an illusion. A hopeless fantasy. No man can make those jumps and live. 

One of the things that makes this interesting is the way it plays with risk and reward. You have safe areas that act like checkpoints. This area with the fireplace is one example. The floor is solid, so you won't lose your progress if you fall. Reaching this area is really satisfying, and this space feels safe and warm.

Then you get higher up and the game tempts you with this treasure.

If you want the coin this crow is carrying, you have to leap out of your safe zone, into the rain. You run the risk of falling way down, past your safe area, into the drain, losing a whole heap of progress. Can you take the risk? This creates a huge feeling of tension and danger.

So I wonder - could we make a fun Foddian dungeon?

The Tower Of Babel

The wretched fools tried to make a tower to reach God. Some even say they succeeded. Either way, they were struck down and scattered, turned into all manner of hideous beasts, their language split into many tongues so that they could never dare their hubris again. Now desperate men and heathens return to the ruins of that tower, seeking treasure - and perhaps even the fabled Door to Heaven. 

It's a vertical dungeon with a complete and total focus on traversing the environment. Your goal is to get as high as you can. The dungeon is all about climping the walls, swinging on the chandeliers, dangling from grappling hooks, balancing on the rafters, tiptoeing around rotten floors, finding ladders and ropes and secret passages that lead higher. Ultimate verticality. 

Goblin Knave: Fighter


Here is another class for Goblin KnaveClick here for the class.


Complexity: Low.
Suggested Ability Scores: Strength, Constitution.
Playstyle: Combat.

If you're interested in the Director's Commentary on what I've done here and why, read on. I have a bunch more of these classes to release so I'll see you next time. 

Goblin Knave: Assassin



Complexity: Medium.
Suggested Ability Scores: Dexterity, Intelligence.
Playstyle: Stealthy specialist.

This is a tweak of the GLOG Assassin to fit with the rules for Knave, a fantastic rules-light RPG you can pick up for $3. It refines the class to fit with the Knave ruleset and also adds a reputation system. You can slot the class right into the Knave rules, or use it with any GLOG-compatible system. Click here for more classes and info on the system.

If you're interested in the Director's Commentary on what I've done with the Assassin and why, read on. I have a bunch more of these classes to release so I'll see you next time.