Watch the Skies!

Just a heads up for anyone who follows this blog. I'm running a Megagame called Watch the Skies! As seen on Shut Up and Sit Down. You can sign up for it here. 


I've started a blog where you can read more about it here. I haven't had time to post much besides the map, but hopefully in the days to come I'll have a chance to post some more of the cool stuff that's going into making it, and the kind of theoretical game wafflings I normally push.

Brimhold, Level 2

The river is clotted with ash from the Megavolcano at its source. The Ash Quarry filters it. The ash itself is prized for its mystical qualities.

There was once a great god who ruled over everything. He was burnt into cinders and destroyed. Each cinder became a tiny god. They thrive in ramshackle shrines in the Cinder House.

Who is Malarkus?  I guess he's a ghost the size of a building.

The Moon Pool is the place of my goddess. You chuck pebbles into the pool, and divine her advice from the shape the moon makes in the ripples.