You should read this post if you haven't:


I believe Mandy.

Zak Smith's blog was the thing that got me into tabletop RPG's. This blog wouldn't exist without him. The first tabletop RPG session I ever ran was from Vornheim, his debut print work, and I've been running Maze of the Blue Medusa for over a year now. A lot of the previous posts here have been focused on his work - reviewing it, recounting actual print stories from it. I've decided to remove that content from the blog now.

I have defended Zak online in the past, and I feel ashamed of that now. I retract those statements, and I'm sorry for any harm I've caused. I think Scrap Princess and Patrick Stuart have written about this better than I can. I agree with them.



I am glad that he is now being exposed and condemned. I'm glad to see the DIY D&D scene, and the creators I most love from that scene, excise him. I know this community will make incredible, beautiful games without him.

I want to thank Mandy, Jennifer and Hannah for coming forward and speaking up.

This may be one of the last posts made on this blog. I felt like it was important to post, for anyone who may go through the archives and isn't aware of some context. I'm currently working on a videogame, and I plan to change to a new website to release that. In case this is the last post on this blog, I also want to thank Scrap Princess, Patrick Stuart, Matthew Adams, Tom Fitzgerald, and too many others to name, for inspiring me beyond words.