So much is happening with the next Megagame! It's transformed into its final form, very different to the original pitch. I'm so excited about it I'm tripping over the keys as I type here. Let's see if I can explain this.

It's still got the same hook as my first pitch: I'm making an entire paper town (which is more than half done now). It's called Lovelyville, a tiny seaside town in 1960's America. Nothing ever happens here. Everybody just minds their own business and gets on with their lovely little lives.

...Except of course the whole town is a web of corruption, and everybody has a secret. You can investigate the mysteries in town by opening up these little houses to find physical clues about those secrets inside, like picking up a rock to see what's squirming underneath. All that's unchanged. 

But! In the first pitch, the mystery was pre-written. You were interviewing NPC suspects to solve a premade mystery. Now, I'm going to run a full 50 person Megagame, where every suspect is another player. Everyone plays one of the people in the town. Maybe you're the local butcher, the mayor, a cop, the doctor. You'll all have a secret and a goal, and you'll all get your own little building.

This could be yours!

Instead of being pre-scripted, everything happens in-game. There are rules for Arson, Murder, Theft, and other crimes, and every player will need to do some dirty dealings to achieve their secret goals. Everything you do leaves behind evidence in these buildings, mostly in the form of cards. If you're stealing jewels, buying weapons to murder somebody, getting kerosene for arson, you'll be keeping all those items inside a building somewhere. When you sneak a peak inside someone's house, you're finding evidence of all the actual misdeeds they've been doing throughout the game. 

Trying to hide evidence and pull off the perfect crime will be just as satisfying as following a trail of clues to find out what your fellow player's been up to.

There will be a central mystery that ties everybody together. Last night, every single child in town went missing. As far as anyone can tell, they just snuck out of bed and into the night. The town is in crisis, and that's going to unearth all the old corruption that's been unfolding under it's sleepy exterior. 

I'm hoping to put tickets on sale next Sunday, and set the date for the event 5 weeks after that on the 6th of June. 

The next post will deal with how Murder is going to work - Alibi's, Killing, hiding the body, what happens to the Dead, and Death.