Fighting Swarms

If you do more damage than a monster's remaining HP, you can overflow the remaining damage to any other monsters who are close by.

This means you can easily crush 4 1HP fairies in a single swipe. The same applies to PC's: A dragon could wipe out your entire level 1 party with a bite. You can avoid this effect by spreading out.

Dangertopia lives!

Super exciting news today, friends and followers. Matt Rundle and I are making a book called Dangertopia, building off the back of my old encounter tables to make a complete kit for every kind of wilderness travel you could need. We're releasing a part of it today, now, for free.

Download the PDF here

Insect Hell! The most dangerous of the five deadly swamp zones. Your PC's are likely to leave diseased, infested and dead. Roll on the left table to get encounters for every day you're traveling. On a 10 or under, the party will have a faction encounter on top of the normal one. Encounter the Soldier the first time you roll it, Elites the second time, and the Leader the third time.

If you like this, the most amazing thing you could do is playtest it and talk about it. Write about it here or on your blog, run a game at your table or on Google+; a full recorded session of people playing this would be orgasmic. Tell us how useful this thing is to you, and how we could make it better.

We're going to release more swamp zones in the coming weeks, without art. Probably two of the following:
-Acid trip Mardi Gras
-Giant Hermit Crab-ville
-Voodoo Casablanca
-Sunken tower of babel

The full book will have five of these zones for each different type of wilderness: Forest, desert, arctic, jungle, swamp, and (maybe) ocean. Life is weird, and we can't promise that either or both of us won't spontaneously combust and be unable to complete the entire project. Still, we're currently planning to sell every different type wilderness as it's own PDF as we finish it, then collect them all together in a single book. Whatever happens, we should release the full swamp sometime next month.