What I'm doing

I haven't updated this blog for a while; fever, university, work and life, you know how it is. BUT, I'm currently working on a project with my good friend Matt Rundle: An expansion of the encounter tables I've posted here into some kind of complete wilderness kit. The plan is, it'll have everything you need to run adventures travelling across swamps, forests, jungles, the arctic tundra, seas, deserts, savannahs, and mountains. Each of these biomes is going to have

-6 Towns
-6 factions
-5 different zones. So, the swamp is split into 5 different types of swamp, each with their own encounter table, most with their own rules for movement. One zone is Insect Hell, for example: stagnant water, if you get submerged in it you get infected with horrifying insects. The idea is Verisimilitude, right? So you're not just hovering across a tract of land labelled generic "Swamp". Also, you can just drag and drop in individual zones, so one of them has to be the kind of swamp you're looking for.
-Ready-made hex crawl map.

A hex crawl map resembling the very map below? Possibly!

The cover will be a hex map that unites every zone into one big world. Dangertopia! A riddle and a curse!

I'm excited.