Stuff I've made

God Emperor

A blood-stained megagame of power, lies and regicide.

"I have in fact spent most of today engaged in one incredible megagame (essentially a giant mesh of role-playing, alliance building, betrayal and all things unexpected) and it has been amazing." - Jessica Gates.

"I’m still breaking into daydreams about the game on an hourly basis." - Tony Martin.

"What I love about the lore of God Emperor is that it has such a deep feeling of myth to it. I don't even know if myth is the right word - it's elegant and deeply evocative." - Adam Ni.

A decayed and depraved hex crawl. 

"You the man." - Pearce Shea.

A print-and-play card game about a paranoid threesome.

 A globe-trotting Pulp Adventure module for the Call of Cthulhu RPG. You get a PDF of the world, cut into hexes. The map is spread with masses of notes suggesting cool things that could exist in any particular location.
"THIS AWESOME" - Scrap Princess.
"Twittersome Madness" -
This randomly generates a weird planet, a region of it, the weirdos that live there, and their relationship to the weirdos nearby.
"Absolutely Irresistible" - Richard Grenville.

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