Customers at the migraine store

Lady Melinda Birthright's Migraine store is packed. Hordes of furtive customers grab one of the glowing lanterns around the shop and head out into the drizzling rain. Others can't wait: they slip into a corner to crack the thing against their forehead as soon as they get it, letting the pain ooze down their face like egg yolk.

Who would be buying headaches at this time of night?
  1. This old wizard's brain hold a terrible secret which no-one can know - not even him. He needs to keep it forced down in his mind with ever more powerful migraines.
  2. The ninth world's BDSM clubs grow tired of the usual punishments.
  3. After a knowledge spell gone wrong, this ambitious young nobleman must keep his brain constantly fed with ever-more difficult tasks and obstacles, lest it grow bored and leap out of his skull.
  4. Jimmy two-fingers just wants to get out of work. Anything's better than another day at the Thresher.
  5. The Torturer's guild is researching some of the more intricate psychological punishments for a Pain Conference later this year. They hope to impress the other attendees with some new techniques for inducing a Migrainous Infarction.
  6. Madame Du Pont is using them to cloud her husbands mind as she drains his finances into several off-shore bank accounts.
  7. Tom Tongue buys in bulk to sell as a hallucinatory drug to the Under-Things, which experience pain as pleasure and pleasure as pain.
  8. The Order of Saint Tinnitus attempts to divine visions of the future from the spots and auras they see while in the throes of one of Lady Birthright's custom creations.
  9. This shriveled magician is pitting headaches against each other in cage matches inside her head. Her eventual goal is to breed the strongest specimens together to make something capable of instantly pulverizing your brain.
  10. Most psychics stop by here regularly for a top-up. They isolate the migraine to the outer regions of their brains, using them as a barrier to stop intruders.