Druid - Initiation.

To earn the right to become a Druid, you must start as an Outcast, then succeed an initiation ritual. You feast on deer blood, booze, and as much weird herbs as they can stuff into you. Then they give you a knife and tie you to another outcast naked. Eat your opponents heart, and you’re a druid. This means you can roll on a new table with better level-up effects.

This test should be deadly enough that deciding whether to try to become a druid or wimp out is a hard choice. Make sure to build this up so that the player knows that taking this contest comes with a serious risk of death. The idea is risk/reward. If you fail, you’ll lose your character: If you succeed, you get to become fucking awesome.

What’s happening to me?

Roll a d30 for both outcasts every round while they fight. Any and all of the effects below may be hallucinations: DM’s discretion. In this situation - with you both naked, drugged, and tied to each other - the knives do d12 damage. They’ll pair you with an outcast of level d4+1.

  1. Poison! Your current HP is halved.
  2. Save or be paralyzed this round.
  3. Your palms are slick with sweat. If you miss an attack you’ll drop your knife.
  4. You throw up all over your partner. You are slowed this round.
  5. You’ve got the shakes. +4 critical fail chance for the rest of the battle.
  6. Shit! Shit! One of these sick fucks put a snake in the handle of your knife!
  7. Save or be overwhelmed by Fear.
  8. Whoever was holding the torch just dropped it. You’re both blind.
  9. Someone just threw something at the back of your head. d4 damage if it hits.
  10. You can’t stop crying.
  11. The other outcasts are pissing all over you two. If you stand in it, save or slip over.
  12. The crowd around you has dissolved into an orgy and/or bloodbath. You have to fight through piles of writhing, slippery bodies.
  13. You look into your partners eyes. Both of you are caught up in a frozen moment of intense, sick arousal. The crowd sees it, knows, and roars approval.
  14. The crowd pulses and pushes you towards your partner, cheering. They get a free extra attack at -2.
Shadowy figures cluster around inside the circle, giving you advice:
  1. Everyone you’ve ever let down
  2. Every dead thing you’ve ever known.
  3. Crooked and vague shapes. You see a deer, but its neck extends into a red hand with an eye in the middle. You see a giant mother boar with six human faces dripping from its teats.
  4. Lovers and friends - but their eyes are wrong, and their advice is horrifying.
  5. The stars are pulsating and ripping into something giant and multicoloured that’s turning to look down at the fight. Whenever you see the sky, save or be hypnotized by it.
  6. A vision of the future unfolds around you. It’s incredibly important - pity you’re distracted.
  7. You suddenly feel like your head is whirling a thousand miles above your feet. Intense disorientation and vertigo gives -2 to hit this turn.
  8. All the blood and mud you’re standing in is swirling together into churning red waves, first waist-deep, then neck-deep. If this keeps going you’ll drown.
  9. The world spins. You swap bodies with the other outcast.
  10. The ground lurches, and both of you are suddenly in freefall through a vast chasm. The crowd’s cries grow faint. Something enormous and terrible slithers at the bottom.
  11. You feel a horrifying joy. You can’t stop laughing. Your opponent must make a morale check or spend their turn trying to flee.
  12. Bezerk: You attack twice this round at random.
        1. Your enemy
        2. Nearby member of the crowd.
        3. Another PC.
        4. Yourself.
  13. Desperation. +4 critical hit chance for the rest of the battle.
  14. Sudden clarity. +2 to all rolls this turn.
  15. Hyperactive speed. +2 AC.
  16. Crazed, frothing strength. Double damage.

Live through that, and you did it! You're a druid!

This is designed to be a short and terrifying gamble, so that it doesn’t bog down the game too much with a solo Outcast adventure. You might still want to play this out in-between sessions, though. I'll post the Druid level-up table soon.


This is a class for LOTFP, based on the Specialist, inspired by Zak's random classes. You get all the Specialist's normal hit dice and saves, but on level up you roll twice on this table instead of getting skill points.

This is essentially a ranger/druid thing, inspired by Joesky's WTF druid. It's someone who runs around the forest punching bears for kicks. They have a new skill: Drugs, Pharmacy, Concoctionism or Rhizotomoi. It concerns the application, handling and knowledge of all poisons, herbs, and remedies. Look down the table to see what it's good for.

  1. +1 Dexterity, up to racial max.
  2. +1 to the chance that anything you meet in the wild is surprised.
  3. +1 to ranged attack bonus.
  4. Whenever you aim (waiting a round to get +4 to hit at range) the dice you roll for damage becomes one size bigger.
  5. The dice you roll for Craft Checks becomes one size bigger.

    (In my game, you roll d6+Wis to make something. Whenever you use the item, roll under that number or it breaks. If you succeed, subtract 1 for next time. This entry makes it a d8+Wis.)
  6. +d4 to the damage of any trap you use, and all related checks (e.g., the saving throw the enemy must make to escape it). Next time it's +d6.
  7. +1 to stealth.
  8. +1 to bushcraft.
  9. +1 to Sneak Attack.
  10. You know what’s passed this way today.
  11. When you’re in a group, you can travel one extra hex per day.
    (If your campaign doesn't use wilderness travel or hexes, then the Outcast is one speed faster at all times.)
  12. Eagle eyes. You can pinpoint details at long distances (For example, seeing the details of nearby hexes, or reading lips to see what people are saying in another building). Roll this again, and you can shoot all ranged weapons farther (ignore 2 points of ranged penalty).
  13. Herbs! Roll for one herb. You know where it grows; Either the DM draws the location on the map, or you can just handwave it and gather d4 bushels in-between sessions. The subject must eat or drink the herbs; stabbing a guy with one of these on a dagger will have no effect. Unless it says otherwise, they last d6 rounds.
    1. Trip out: Victim removes all their clothes and acts dazed and confused. They’ll snap out of it if attacked.
    2. Truth serum: Victim cannot tell lies. They may babble about inconsequential details, though. The Vicarian Brain Flower uses this to tear families apart, allowing it easy access to the depression it feeds on.
    3. Numbness: Completely numbs you to pain but heals no damage. This would, for example, let you walk on broken legs, let you wake up and keep fighting under 0 HP, and give you +2 against effects like Sleep. Leeches use this to numb you to their bite.
    4. Berserk: Get two attacks per round, and wildly attack anyone around you.
    5. Communion: Subject sees everyone they’ve ever killed. They may ask them for advice. Serious killers may be terrified.
    6. Joker Venom: Victim loses all inhibitions, acts on all their secret desires. (Non-human opponents may have non-human secret desires.)
    7. Distracted: Victim gets -4 to their next saving throw.
    8. Focused: Subject doesn't have to sleep tonight.
  14. Poisons! Roll for one poison. You know what plants and animals you can distill this from, and where they live and grow. Again, the DM can draw the location on the map, or you can just handwave it and gather d4 vials in-between sessions. Obviously the victim gets a save against poison.
    1. Lowers the victim’s immune response, giving them a common disease which will force them to skip work and just lay low in their bed for d4 days.
    2. Tracer: For d4 days, the Victim constantly coughs up blue bile that glows faintly in the dark. Bavarian slugs tag their victims with this so they can track them to their den and slowly envelop them while they sleep.
    3. At times of intense stress, the victim must save or be overcome by a completely different personality, which will have no memory of what was going on previously. The outcasts believe this personality is a recently departed soul. Lasts d4 days.
    4. Shakes: Critically fails on a roll of 5 or less. Constantly messes up small tasks, breaks objects, etc. Lasts d4 rounds.
    5. Fear: -2 to morale checks.
    6. Paranoia: Subject begins to believe that their friends have betrayed them, starts a fight with their group. Lasts d4 days.

Every time you roll a Herb or Poison result, add one to your Drugs skill. The DM makes a secret Drug check whenever you apply a poison or a herb. Failure indicates that you left traces of it on your skin, which will activate the effect whenever it’s most hilarious.

You also add your Drug skill to the duration of all effects. For instance, with a skill of 3, the Tracer poison will last d4+3 days. Obviously, the players should be able to discover herbs and poisons on their own, as well as rolling the ones here on level up.

The Land of Hidden Men ~ Jungle Girl

  1. +1 to critical hit chance at range.
  2. +d4 to reaction checks against animals. Next it’s +d6.
  3. You get a bonus to crafting shit out of animals: +1 to craft it, and to any effects it has (Damage and to-hit for weapons, AC for armour, saves for traps, etc). Only works for cool, exotic animals.
  4. Every day, you can pick a target. While tracking it you don’t need to sleep, eat, or stop for anything. You gain the special affinity a hunter has with it’s prey. You can ask d4 questions about it: what it's thinking, its secrets and its weaknesses. Roll this again and it's d6, d8, d10 questions.
  5. Pick an area. You know all about it. (Here’s how I handle player knowledge. You should already be telling every player a lot of stuff about the area, so they can make valid choices. So, instead of just giving the outcast more information, I’m going to let them decide d4+bushcraft things about what the area’s like. For instance, they could get the map and draw the perfect place to camp undetected, an underground river that flows right under the enemy base, a field where poisoned mushrooms grow, or add an entry to the random encounter table. You could also simply answer d6+bushcraft questions about the area.)
  6. Roll twice, get both effects.

This is the first level-up table. Whenever you want, you can test yourself at an outcast initiation ritual to become a Druid, which allows you to roll on the Druid level-up table with better effects.

Your infinite Selves

Somewhere in the multiverse lurks your Feared Self. 

They are worse than you in every way. You have spent your entire life trying to tear yourself away from them.  They cling to you, moaning and slobbering. Just being near them degrades you; physically, mentally, spiritually, ethically.

At the opposite point in the cosmos is your Desired Self.

They are the perfect representation of beauty and truth. They have thrown away fear, sloth and shame. They're achieving all their hopes and dreams. There's only one thing left to do: Kill their feared self. You.

This chain echoes to infinity. Your Ideal Self is the Hated Self of some purer Ideal Self, which has its own Desired Self. Your infinite selves hunt each other eternally.