Goblin Knave: Wizard


My first wizard for Goblin Knave today! Click here for the class.


Complexity: High.
Suggested Ability Scores: Intelligence, Wisdom.
Playstyle: Spellcasting, utility and support.


The closer you get to it, the more you degrade. Your vision splits and blurs and corrodes. A fever breaks out in you. You go hot and cold. Your hands grow weak and sweaty. Your eyes grow red. You can't stop crying. You feel like a bag of broken glass. You cough up blood. Black spots growing cancerously through your sight. Your hearing pops and crackles, becomes distant and muffled, until finally you can hear nothing at all. Your legs give out underneath you. Everything feels slick under your touch, like your fingertips themselves are sloughing away. 

Goblin Knave: Acrobat


A nice simple class for Goblin Knave today! Click here for the class.


Complexity: Low.
Suggested Ability Scores: Dexterity, Strength.
Playstyle: Tricks, evasion and cheating death.