Cleric Spell sheet.

Level 1 clerics all get the same spells, right? So - surely a sheet like this has already been made? Y'all can't be just looking up and writing down ten spells and a table at the start of every chargen, right?

It seems like that must be true, but I couldn't find any other sheet like this for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. The character sheets I keep seeing don't even come with a space to write down spells. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. How are you all doing this?

Well, assuming everyone but me isn't using some secret better method, and I haven't misunderstood some crucial rule, print out this A5 sheet and give it to your cleric. Write down the number of spells you've got prepared in the boxes (For example: 2 Cure Light Wounds, 1 Turn Undead.) "LVL" means the caster's level.

Turning chart stolen from Jeff Rients.

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