Horrible insects, leeches, bog water - a gross, clinging place that you just want to get out of as soon as possible. There's mystery and voodoo here, though.

-4 to all checks without something to get rid of the constant insects.

1-2: Reedeels. 3D6 Sentient reeds with bulbous suckers at head. Wait for animal to wade into them, then latch of from all sides and drain it of blood.

3-4: 2D4 Oozefish: Massive, heavy fish attach themselves onto feet of wading party, use weight to drag them down to depths/under mud. Can be removed instantly by plunging sharp object into special spot beneath their blowhole.

5-6: Halitoad, belches toxic gas.

7-8: Horrible Insects! Roll 1d4: (1) Insects that make all your intestines come out your orifices, (2) insects that secretly eat your tongue, replace it and then speak for you, (3) insects that make you come out in boils that then burst into more insects, (4) Insects that get in your stomach and make you give birth to their insect child.

9-10: Black swamp witch. Can cast leech swarm; skin+organs turn to 3D6 leeches, attack party.

11-12: Swamp octopus. 2d8 tentacles drags PC's into swamp

13-14: 2D4 leeches cling to party. If not found, leech 2 points of con per day.

15-16: 1D6 Bloated bog corpses. Explode with gas that causes vomiting and attracts all insects in large range to you.

17-18: Sentient fungoid mastermind, controls all plants that are coated with it's slime.

19-20: d4 Ticks. Paralyse you as you sleep.

21-22: Mask salesman. Each mask will transform party member in a way related to what it looks like as long as they wear it.

23-24:Denzelian - Intelligent chaotic, telepathic, eats gold, lives in small specially-made vial, when released can only tunnel straight down super fast.

25-26: Bog hag, will perform haruspexicy.

27-28: Wrecked ship in tree is house for voodoo witch, who does requests.

29-30: Swarmhaven. A small village, besieged by insects. No-one's willing to go out to find and kill the insect god.

31-32: More horrible insects! Roll 1d4: (1) Insects that burrow into your brain and control you, (2) insects that cause massive bloated swellings that release toxic gas when popped, (3) insects that tear through the area devouring all food, (4) insects that get under your fingernails and make you lose control of your fingers at bad times.

33-34: Old shack. Sorceror keeps flasks in river with ghost friends being turned into loa's will sell them.

35-36: Tameable giant alligator. Resting - sore tooth.

37-38: Baby in a basket. Accompanied by ready-made voodoo doll of powerful NPC.

39-40: Friendly black slime ghost.

41-42: Glade of massive, dark red mushrooms; when properly prepared, can be used as nerve poison. paralyses victim for 2 hours., give or take d8x10 minutes.

43-44: Quicksand bog, fore-runners are trapped. Sink half a foot per round.

45-46: Even more horrible insects! Roll 1d4: (1) insects that give you uncontrollable shakes, (2) insects that get in your body and slowly grow like a strangler fig until the entire inside of your body is nothing but a giant coiled worm, (3) insects that get right up in your junk, (4) unstoppable army ant insects that swarm over and devour anything in their path.

47-48: 2D4 strangling vines.

49-50: Will O' wisp, attracts party into holes, mud or quicksand against their will.

51-52: LOTR corpses all around water, fires on them, attract anyone who looks at them

53-54: Poisonous river.

55-56: Alligators pretending to be log in middle of river that needs crossing.

57-58: 2D6 Mosquito women. Emaciated women with wings and proboscises

59-60: Big marshy lake.

61-62: River.

63-64: Bog everywhere. Movement halved. There's a small safe path hidden in the mud.

65-66:  Fog.

67-68: Insects intensify; -10 to all skill checks.unless you can get them off.

69-70: See-through skin insects tending see-through skin insect cows. Willing to barter with party.

71-72: Unminion pole in center of bog, looks like different things to different people.

73-74: Still, stagnant pool. Sentient.

75-76: Swamp wedding/funeral on barge, everyone in white and silent

77-78: Still-burning barge full of candles from viking funeral, has money and sword aboard.

79-80: Swamp monster fishing. Intelligent, wary of strangers.

81-82: Holy fuck kids it's even more horrible insects! Roll 1d4: (1) Insects that bind you up and fill you full of their young, (2) insects that were inside you the whole time, (3) insects that eat your eyes and other vital organs from inside, (4) insects that know no god or king rise from the earth. The sky turns black. There is nothing but the swarm.

83-84: Trail of sewn-up-waistcoat zombies marching somewhere

85-86: Bunch of naked people worshipping Baron Samedi in dance.

87-88: Puffball smoke ghost mushrooms give advice from dead friends

89-90: Black slime ghosts haunt party. Will arise from their bodies at inconvenient times, making them bleed from eyes. Can be banished temporarily with rum + fire.

91-92: Big fat melting candles floating on swamp water everywhere, lead to Will 'o the wisp Ghost wedding.

93-94: Giant demon toad with fat woman in mouth

95-96: Gigantic hole in the swamp, all water rushing into it. Leads to voodoo hell.

97-98: Baron Samedi. Drunk. Digging graves for PC's. Enjoys cigars and rum.

99: Malevolent Loa, slowly turns party into plants. Can be banished with land from the dead world, defended against with voodoo charms.

100: Insect god. The party is on it's back.


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