The Russian word for forest. Dark, cold, impenetrable, fairytale woods with witches and crows and horrible things. Roll a will save every day, or end up travelling in the wrong direction.

1-2: 1d6+1 razor dogs. Razor blades for teeth. Bite inflicts Razor-wire disease: Victim slowly becomes razor dog. Drinking holy water will heal the victim, making them vomit up razor-wire.

3-4: 1D6 crows follow party, gain 1D4 crows per day. Dive-bomb when party is distracted. 5 or more crows can try abducting party member - roll reflex save or be carried off.

5-6: Bear with cub. Attacks if angered.

7-8: Skin Kin. Skin flaps hanging from branches. 2D6 detach and float after party discreetly; attack by stripping flesh off party members to replace it with themselves. If someone is killed in this manner, the stripped skin becomes another Skin Kin, and the dead man will be puppeteered by the skin kin. Will retreat if party cuts themselves.

9-10: BloodOak blocks path. Vine tendrils around it grapple, takes 3 rounds to drop grappled hero into concentric teeth that go through center of tree. If a vine is severed, three more grow in their place (prevent this by cauterizing wound). It's wood is super valuable, screams when burned.

11-12: Snicket swarm - 4D6 1HP rat-bird things tear through area, leaving everything exposed at head height stripped bare. Listen check to hear them coming, reflex save to avoid.

13-14: Snake Armed Ruby Brain Beast. 5 snake arms; each can grapple or claw.  Placing palm on gem in back will instantly kill it.

15-16: Patch in middle of road is covered trapdoor, leads to underground webbed cavern with Trapdoor spider. Spider pops out to grab nearby enemies and bind them in it's web below, injecting them with paralysing poison to eat later.

17-18: 1D6 Robbers lay trap in road - front party members will be swept into rope trap, robbers will make demands of remaining members from trees.

19-20: 1D4 Black vines twined in shape of humans, white masks in place of faces. Touch transfers your face to them, stealing your mind. Vulnerable to mirrors. Mask can be transferred back by use of a mirror.

21-22: Find a wolf in a trap. Will struggle at first, but if released and healed will become loyal to party.

23-24: Broken-down carriage with carcasses of horses.d100 gold worth of Gems, baby in basket under wreckage - seems to be from noble family

25-26: Tiny russian village. Distrustful of strangers, but have food. All old woman in town currently out on hill putting old iron knives in the ground. Twin brothers are making a furrow around the village. They're preparing for a vampire attack after a heretic died in childbirth.

27-28: Gigantic multi-layered cake in the middle of the forest. Unnattended. Delicious.

29-30: Gypsy camp. Friendly, lots of music. Will take party onboard in return for odd-jobs.

31-32: Lightning storm. Builds in intensity, starting a fire, until one bolt slams down near the PC's as a solid, bright crystal, surrounded by shrapnel of the same material. In light, the crystal becomes volatile and explosive; in darkness, becomes incredibly heavy.

33-34: Massive, recently-vacated cocoon hanging from tree, warm and protected. Will give all who sleep within it revelatory dreams.

35-36: Bathing Ruskalta - water-nymph ghosts. Beautiful, will lead travellers down to undersea village. Breathing is fine as long as you hold their hand.

37-38: Travelling explorer investigating rare animals, will accompany PC's or buy any corpses they have.

39-40: Old shack with saws, tools, kerosene, etc. Woodsman owner will return soon.

41-42: Razorleaf wood. The leaves here draw blood when they touch. Trees begin shake, shedding more and more leaves.

43-44: Chasm with river at bottom. Rotting ropes show where bridge used to be. Might be just wide enough to jump.

45-46: Daggerslash. Resembles dead piece of wood, attracts party with distressed moaning sounds then latches onto them like beartrap with 40 rows of sharp claws.

47-48: Glade of massive, dark red mushrooms; when properly prepared, can be used as nerve poison, paralyses victim.

49-50: 1D4 Bear traps surrounding tied basket of food, money and goodies.

51-52: Path cuts out, rocky outcrop on one side, thick forest on other.

53-54: Skull butterflies flutter to party, play music. Land of the dead slowly opens up between tree trunks around them.

55-56: Deep fog falls. Party is likely to loose their way.

57-58: Bushfire.

59-60: Tree trunks fallen in way, must go around.

61-62: Smoking crater with shiny glimmer in center.

63-64: Flock of birds fly off at parties approach, screeching wildly. Everything nearby is aware of parties presence

65-66: Idyllic clearing with clear brook going through it.

67-68: Stream, must be forded or bridged.

69-70: Multiple skeletons stuck together into horrible beast - horse, vulture, man and bear.

71-72: A wooden puppet skeleton hands from a tree with offerings around it. It's a horrible god, will offer advice if given food to eat.

73-74: Man entirely covered in tattoos hung from tree; if touched, tattoos will transfer to toucher, move slowly, whisper strange demands.

75-76: Trap in ground covered by leaf-litter. Falling in it leads to a banquet table, with chairs that will bind around PC's. Other guests in increasing stages of being transformed into plants. Log-man offers food and wine.

77-78: Witch trapped in Ice, six hands, holding a silver dagger in each. Seven gold-encrusted rubies frozen around her head. Lots of burnable tinder around.

79-80: Sleeping children in glade.

81-82: Statues cowering away from chasm - an invisible bridge leads over it.

83-84: Ghost Funeral procession.

85-86: Doppelganger with something subtly different about them - sees PC's, swears, then runs.

87-88: Baba Yaga's hut. "Fou, fou, fou! I feel the Russian Spirit!" Hut on Chicken legs surrounded by skulls with glowing eyes. Baba yaga makes constant unreasonable demands or devours you, but her servants will help you stop her if you treat them kindly. May give guidance in rare cases.

89-90: Evil agency's secret base.

91-92: Thorn queen on throne, surrounded by dead children, can tell prophecies by pulling out eyes. Has power over all children, vulnerable to objects with five sides. Will ask riddles, attack with children and thorn vines from throne if angered.

93-94: Crystal guardian; as many heads as party members, each head copies one party members attributes and actions.

95-96: Forest is sentient, breathes.

97-100: A quiet, peaceful day. Birds chirp. The party feels at ease.


  1. Nice. I like the mix of encounters that are strange, colour , monsters and traps. I'd use it if did more than 10 minutes prep, and so had time to print it out..

  2. Me likey. Definitely my kinda random.

  3. Your ways are so strange to me, scrap princess.

    I ahould have mentioned this in the post, but this table originally came from an old thing I made, Pulp World: http://themachination.net/blog/stuff-ive-made/

    -Which is a pdf of the world made into a hex map, with points of interest marked and tables like this one for Tundra and Desert and such.

    It's for Call of Cthulhu, but I'm going to clean up the tables, make them system agnostic and better and post them here.