Karnopticon - spells


Make a massive spider-web between two surfaces. It can trap creatures and support the caster. Trapped creatures may still make attacks at anyone within range, unless cocooned.

EDIT: It is with great embarrassment that I've discovered this is already a spell in the DCC book.

Time taken to weaveWeb sizeWeb strengthWeb visibility
1: Lost, Failure, and Patron Taint
2-11:Lost, Failure.
12-13:Half an hour.10 feetCreatures the caster's size or smaller are trapped for 2 turns. The caster may take an action to cocoon them, trapping them for good  unless they can make a fort save.   Will save to see.
14-17:Half an hour.30 feetCreatures the size of the caster are trapped for 4 turns, cocoon to trap pending fort save. Caster can walk on the web freely.   Will save to see.
18-19:3 turns50 feetAs above, but web also traps creatures double the size of the caster for 2 turns. Cocoon to trap them pending fort save.   Will save - 2
20-23:2 turns.100 feetCreatures the size of the caster are trapped unless they can make a fort save at - 2, but may be cocooned to trap for good. Creatures double the size of the caster are trapped for four turns, Cocoon to trap them pending fort save.    Will save - 5
24-27:1 turn.500 feetCreatures double the size of the caster are trapped pending -5 fort save. Giant-sized creatures are trapped for 2 turns, and may be cocooned to trap pending fort save. Caster and allies can walk on the web freely.   Will save - 10
28-29:1 turn.1 mileAs above, but giant-sized creatures are trapped for 4 turns, can be cocooned to trap pending -5 fort save.   Will save - 20
30-31: 1 turn.5 milesAs above, but giant sized-creatures escape cocoon on a -10 fort save, and Leviathan-sized creatures are trapped in web for 3 turns. All creatures can be cocooned to trap them totally. Caster and allies can walk on the web freely.   Totally invisible.
32+: 1 turn.Any sizeCreatures of any size trapped for four turns or more. Save -10 to escape after a turn, but can be cocooned to trap totally. Caster and allies can walk on the web freely.   Totally invisible.

Death Worm

The caster raises a Death Worm familiar. The worm will be in a larval state at first, with AC 10,  d4 hp, and d3 attack. It must be slowly raised to maturity over a period of weeks or months, using magic and TLC. The caster may make one spell check every week, every time they level up, or every time the worm itself does some awesome act - whichever comes first. 

The worm eats almost anything, including mineral-rich stone. It must have 1 ton worth of food a day to keep growing, and practise hunting and killing vicious prey. If the worm hasn't eaten well and killed a worthy foe recently, the caster gets -5 to this spell check. If the worm's done anything especially awesome, get +5. 

You can choose any result lower than the one you rolled.

1. The worm's growth is stunted! Suffer patron taint, and your worm will grow no more.
2-11: Lost, failure.
12-13: The little tyke's getting bigger. Add 1d4 HP.
14-17: The carapace is growing beautifully! +2 AC.
18-19: Another teeth circle. Go up two steps in the dice chain for damage. 
20-21: They grow up so fast. Choose three of any of the effects above.
22+:  You may use Karnopticonic rituals to transform and evolve your worm. Roll below for a special effect. Add the amount you rolled over 22 to your roll. You can get as many effects as you want. If you roll two effects that seem mutually exclusive, the worm may shape-shift between the two states. This shapeshifting takes three turns.

At DM's discretion, you may need to get some specific ingredients in order to evolve your worm.
  1. Rot Worm
  2. Blood Worm
  3. Grass Worm
  4. Nail Worm
  5. Dart Worm
  6. Unspeakable Worm
  7. Silk Worm
  8. Silk Worm 
  9. Silk Worm 
  10. Silk Worm
  11. Silk Worm
  12. Silk Worm
  13. Honey Worm
  14. Honey Worm
  15. Honey Worm
  16. Honey Worm
  17. Honey Worm 
  18. Burrowing Worm
  19. Burrowing Worm
  20. Burrowing Worm
  21. Burrowing Worm
  22. Flying Worm
  23. Flying Worm
  24. Flying Worm
  25. Flying Worm
  26. Mind Worm
  27. Tongue Worm
  28. Camouflage Worm
  29. Puppet Worm
  30. Spitting Worm
  31. Grabbing Worm
  32. Death Worm
  33. Sand Worm
  34. Frost Worm
  35. Frost Worm
  36. Sea Worm
  37. Cavalry Worm
  38. Cavalry Worm
  39. Cavalry Worm
  40. Cavalry Worm
  41. Under Worm
  42. Constrictor Worm
  43. Hunting Worm
  44. Fire Worm
  45. Jungle Worm
  46. Constructor Worm
  47. Travel Worm
  48. Blood Worm
  49. Infester Worm
  50. Siege Worm
  51. Sensor Worm
  52. Fat Worm
  53. Leaping Worm
  54. Shield Worm
  55. Drop Worm
  56. Climbing Worm
  57. Blight worm
  58. Stone Worm
  59. Stinging Worm
  60. Toxic Worm
  61. Signal Worm
  62. Flat Worm
  63. Trapdoor Worm
  64. Devil Worm
  65. Tar Worm
  66. Space Worm
  67. Parasite Worm
  68. Love Worm
  69. Devourer Worm
  70. Gold Worm
  71. Priest Worm
  72. Bungee Worm
  73. Man Worm
  74. No man's Worm
  75. Face Worm
  76. Pregnancy Worm
  77. Changeling Worm
  78. Patriot Worm
  79. Bondage Worm
  80. Melter Worm
  81. Bloat Worm
  82. Sweet Worm
  83. Barnacle Worm
  84. Armoured Worm
  85. Tentacle Worm
  86. Hand Worm
  87. Invisible Worm
  88. Dream Worm
  89. Strangler Worm
  90. Crystal Worm
  91. Robot Worm
  92. Weeping Worm
  93. Dead Worm
  94. Planewalker Worm
  95. Apocalypse Worm
  96. Psychic Worm
  97. Ouroboros Worm
  98. God Worm
  99. Worm Queen
I intend to write out full descriptions for all of these worms at some point.

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