Night of the Draculas!

  1. Leech: A small black tube with teeth that latches on and sucks out your blood, secreting toxins to stop you feeling it.
  2. Tick: An insectile Dracula that hides on your body. It's tiny head burrows deep within you, excreting poisons that numb and paralyze, while it feeds the bloated body above.
  3. Tapeworm: A long worm that lives in your intestines and eats most of your food.
  4. Guinea Worm: Thin white Dracula that enters your body when you eat tainted meat, growing up to several feet inside you. When it's ready to breed, it pokes it's head out through a blister and sets your leg on fire. When you dunk the limb in water, it releases it's young in a big white cloud.
  5. Horsehair Worm: This one grows up your spinal chord until mating season arrives, when it reprograms your brain and forces you to throw yourself into the nearest lake. As you drown, it crawls out of you to mate with other Horsehair worms doing the same thing.
  6. Dracula Bat: A species of bats that sucks blood from your toes as you sleep. Any adventurers that sleep in their caves will wake woozy and weak.
  7. Emerald jewel Dracula: A wasp-woman Dracula, known for her Breeding Stings. The first sting paralyzes you. The second sting pours venom into your brain, leaving you a zombie. The Dracula then leads you back to her lair and pours you full of her young, eating your legs for sustenance before flying out. Over the next few weeks her young will eat their way out of you as you watch.
  8. Mosquito Woman: Emaciated women with transparent wings and a long, lethal proboscis.  They swoop down, spear you with their proboscis, and then drink their fill. When they've finished they waddle away, bloated and happy, leaving you a drained-out husk.
  9. Changling: A baby Dracula that's placed in the womb of an expecting mother while she sleeps. Born as the "Twin" of the real child, and slowly usurps it. 
  10. Childblight: Sexually-transmitted Dracula. Seems to cause miscarriages - in reality, your children will be born into the Draculasphere. 
  11. Glass Book: A book that steals your knowledge as you read it. Clever sorcerers know how to force them to give knowledge up, in the same way that snake charmers harvest venom.
  12. Strangler Fig: A seed that plants itself over your body, then slowly grows over your limbs. At first they'll grow bloated and powerful, making you run or punch better. Eventually, it will paralyze your mind and leave you to watch helplessly as it controls your body.
  13. Ghoul: One who eats corpses to gain their power. Will typically trail after the party, fleeing if seen, eating the corpses of all they kill.
  14. Nega-Man: Looks like an inverted photograph of a human. When it touches you, it steals a part of your soul - a thief skill, a spell, or your attack bonus.
  15. Dracula Husband: A sack of wet meat. Chooses a lover and secretes poison into them. Once the lover's been poisoned, they forget all their old goals and live only to serve the Husband.
  16. Dracula Wife: A Succubus. Sleeps with humans so that it can feed from their dreams.
  17. Body Snatcher: It takes over your body by feeding you a special poison and then chanting, leaving your soul in it's last body. It will typically poison it's old body moments before transferring to a new one. Any body it inhabits will begin to rapidly grow hair within about a week.
  18. Tongue-eating louse: Replaces your tongue and talks for you, whispering blasphemies as you sleep.*
  19. Mutton Chop: A parasitic beard.
  20. Husk: Hollow humans that must stuff their empty bodies with stolen organs. Usually find places as rich nobles, where they can fund the constant organ replacements they need.
  21. Card Shark: Grifter Dracula that feeds off bargains made with with hard-done-by gamblers. 
  22. Two-Faced Dracula: Appears before wizards and promises them incredible knowledge - in return, they just need to let it grow off the back of their head as a second face. It knows nothing. It'll keep stalling for time for as long as possible.
  23. Dracula Monkey: Invisible creature that clings to your back, feeding off your happiness and dragging your down into depression and madness.
  24. Bloat: A tiny creature that infects the mind of a host, making them crave the contact of others. Every creature the host touches will melt and bind onto them, eventually forming a massive ball of dripping humanity. 
  25. Skeleton Pox: Dracula virus that eats your skin and organs from the extremities inwards. Eventually there's nothing left but your skeleton, which is then free to dance the night away.
  26. Devil-Boob: The underside looks like a limpet mouth. Replaces a breast and feeds your offspring Devil Milk, twisting your babies until they become it's Dracula Children.
  27. Leg Horse: Those foolish enough to sleep in the Lair of the Leg Horse will see him in their dreams, a creature made of dozens of galloping legs shrieking "Join me or Die!". All who accept wake to find their legs gone - another pair added to the Leg Horse.
  28. Shadow: Murders your reflection and replaces them, using you to see through to the human world. It grows more confident the more it sees. Slowly it will stop the pretense of copying your actions and start breaking through into reality.
  29. King of the Draculas: The moon.
  30. Queen of the Draculas:

You've been eating fish-tongue parasites your entire life.


  1. I once had troubles with my shadow getting uppity, but I played it off against my reflection and ended up on top.