The Paper Trail

So much history here. Here's a few particular points of interest:

Only Gilgamesh is fit to rule, mongrels!

Party A, traveling through the Babylon district, was sucked into the monthly lottery which determines the fate of all who live there. You become a slave, a noble, a brick wall, all based on your result in the lottery. I decided to have them all roll d20's to see how good or bad their fates would be.

Three people rolled a natural twenty.

One of them was Shenks, a gremlin played by Matt Rundle. He became mayor of the district, and built this tower.

He lived pretty high until the party B lead a peasant rebellion against him, burnt down the tower and installed one of their own as mayor: Gilgamesh.

Another lottery winner became the leader of Cell Apeiron, a bunch of revolutionaries which conspire against the lord regent from this hidden base. Matt fled here to languish in the sewers as the Under-mayor.

From here, party A sent out shadowy assassins, who succeeded in destroying Gilgamesh by hurling him into a black lake to be torn apart by the tentacled horrors within.*

Magic = Haywire

While the party was travelling through here to kill the Lake Dragon, I rolled an encounter. The result - the magic in this part of the district is strange, twisted - spells will have crazy, exaggerated effects. A wizard decided to try a LotFP summon spell. He rolled a natural twenty.

To those who haven't seen the lotfp summon spell, this is game-breaking. You have to roll on another sub-table, and each result could have apocalyptic consequences. The one we rolled: The DM becomes a PC, and a random PC is chosen to DM.

We went with it, and it was a blast. We rotated through three DM's for a few weeks, each one adding their own shit to my world. I loved it.

Dwarf Invasion: Added by one of my DM's. According to them, Vornheim used to be a dwarven city, and ancient tunnels still lead up into the home of every man, woman and child. The dwarves lurk there, watching the city, preparing for their chance to take back what's theirs. 

Glove Towers: Born to a fallen house in the Ghost District, the lady of the glove goes around pretending to be offended by people so she can challenge them to a duel. By defeating numerous nobles, she is slowly increasing the size of her land.

Trail of Destruction: Some giant demon is moving through the city, leaving this trail behind it. As you get closer the sunlight dims, a black rain begins to fall, and the streets are deserted except for ragged warbands of clerics rushing back and forth trying to evacuate the survivors.

Beware of Worms: A big portion of the elf district has been walled off after the prisoners in the tower were released along with a shitload of death worms. Perhaps they've constructed their own worm-prisoner society behind the barricades - who knows? None who go there return.

---Do not cross this line if you are a player.---

Eshgriel (who has four levels in fighter): Too funny to pass unremarked. Party B got hold of a massive haul of purple lotus power as they were escaping the prison. "You know that this powder may give you the powers of a god... or destroy you utterly." Of course, they decided to snort it immediately. 

The first person to snort it died. Prison guards started hammering on the door. A second person snorted it, and died. A death worm started coming up the corridor, the guards were breaking through. Everyone egged on a third person, who snorted it... and died.

So, later, they're the house of Eshgriel the medusa. Half of them are turned to stone, one's poisoned, the Plasma Ghoul is gnawing on another and all the dogs are dead except one - a Busking Dog. As a last-ditch effort, they hurl the powder at Eshgriel - who gains four levels in fighter.

Despairing, the last PC and Busking Dog try for a suicide pact, and snort the last bit of Purple Lotus powder. The Busking dog gets one result: Wants to move overseas to marry. He flips out the door, en-route to a tropical beach.

*This is a lie. In reality, the dead man was a homeless hobbit, dressed up to look like Gilgamesh.

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