Character Creation Adventure

I made this unfinished Choose-Your-Own Adventure as a way of letting my players know what my campaign setting is like. That was ages before I actually started this campaign, though, and I went on to merge the stuff here with all of the things in Vornheim. Here's a sample from "Britannica", the city I turned into Vornheim.

Ah, Britannica! Land of smoke and iron and patriotism! Despite the recent plague, the Great City still covers the land, and the eternal fires of her million smoking chimneys still shield the country's secretive monarch from the prying eyes of her many enemies.
Which region do you hail from?
The underground sanctum of Britannica's political elite. Built in the Bureaucratic coils of an eternally twisting labyrinth to protect the governing body from the constant threat of spies and war. Here, you and your colleagues in the Ministry toil to keep Britannica running - and try to keep The Missus happy.
Which party do you owe allegiance to?
The best of the best! The political elite! You don't have to bow to anyone- apart from The Missus, of course. Your party has almost total control over Britannica. At your order, men will kill or die in an instant - as long as the correct paperwork is filed and approved in double triplicate, of course.
Which egg-sack were you hatched in?


  1. This is really quite great. I am without a doubt going to steal this idea and use it in the future. I am always interested in variant means of character creation so I may actually make this into the method of construction, where each choice would add or subtract to ability scores, i.e. Okay you were born on the docks(+1 con, -1 cha, +2 swim) and your favorite subject in school was art(+1 cha), etc.
    I can see it falling apart too, but it could be fun for a round of characters

    1. That's an excellent idea. I might finish Britannica off and let the players use it to choose their 0-level occupations if we ever get a TPK.