Ice Elves, Jungle Halflings, Desert Dwarves

Some new occupations for Dungeon Crawl Classics, made to fit the demi-humans in my setting.

All elves originally came from the Glade (or "Elfland"), a magical hippy forest dimension that they were exiled from long ago for unknown reasons. They have two main competing religions; The Gladers are nostalgic hedonists who are in favour of ignoring this whole wretched world and finding a way back to elfland, while the Ironborn believe the elves must make the most of their situation and conquer this world, ritually scarring themselves with iron.

The tundra elves of Norndrick are pitiless and insectile, with pale skin, black eyes and teeth sharpened to points. They live in a giant hive icicle, honeycombed with tunnels dug out by burrowing frost serpents. Raiding parties ride out from the icicle to gather food, each dedicated to the attributes of a different Glade animal: The Patience of the Grass Worm, the Cunning of the Megadeer, the Ferocity of the Blooderfly, or the raw Sexuality of the Flamingo.


29: Elven actuary: Dagger, Parchment and quill pen
30: Elven clutch-mother: Stirring-claw (As spear), Eggs (6)
31: Elven ironson: Flail, Iron handcuffs
32: Elven falconer: Dagger, Falcon
33-34: Elven raider: Javelin, Totem*
35: Elven glassblower: Hammer (as club), Snow-glass (3lbs.)
36: Elven ice-tester: Sounding rod (as staff), Geology charts
37-38: Elven worminger: Axe, Larval frost worm**  

*Roll 1d4: (1)Grass Worm, (2) Megadeer, (3) Blooderfly, (4) Flamingo
**Roll 1d4: (1) Burrowing, (2) Silk, (3) Fat, (4) Flying

Halflings are jungle pygmies  - dark-skinned tribes who live in the vast trees and swamps that form the impenetrable heart of the Morass. The Morass is a vast uncharted continent, but human conquerors are starting to form small colonies along the edges, lured by gold. 
Halflings probably a race of humans rather than an entirely different species. They use cocoa beans for currency.

55: Pygmy auger: Dagger, Pig
56-57: Pygmy swamp-farmer: Staff, Food Grub
58: Pygmy shaman: Needle (as Dagger), Hex doll
59: Pygmy builder: Bamboo pole (as Staff), 50' vines
60: Pygmy musician: Staff, Bone flute
61: Pygmy warrior: Maquahuitl (as longsword), War paint (1 quart)
62: Pygmy priest: Staff, Gold mask (50 gp)
63:  Pygmy hunter: Blowgun, Poison (3 gourds)*
64: Pygmy child-rearer: Sling, Baby

*Roll 1d4: (1) Madness, (2) Paralysis, (3) Swelling, (4) Blindness, (5) Slow death, (6) Exploding

Dwarves are desert-dwellers, who live underground because the sun is too hot in the open. Their culture is middle-eastern, all turbans and beard-wax and advanced knowledge of the universe. They rely on underground springs and yearly flooding for survival.

18: Dwarven barber: Razor (As dagger), Beard-wax
19-20: Dwarven inventor: Hammer (as club), Gunpowder*
21: Dwarven cigar-maker: Switchblade (as dagger), Fine Dwarven Cigars (10)
22: Dwarven herder: Staff, Sow
23-24: Dwarven miner: Pick (as club), Lantern
25: Dwarven scholar: Staff, Diagrams**
26: Dwarven imam: Staff, Quran
27-28: Dwarven stonemason: Hammer (as club),Fine stone (10 lbs)

*Or roll 1d6: (1) Gunpowder, (2) Compass, (3) Watch, (4) Working model of the solar system, (5) Oil, (6) Mithril (1 lb.)
**Roll 1d6: (1) Alchemical charts, (2) Star maps, (3) Anatomy of various races, (4) Philosophical conundrums, (5) Map of another plane, (6) True names of various demons

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