Mountains of Mounts

A dwarf fighter named Cesarini sells tracking cats that can be used as mounts, among them:- one is ferocious, no-one has ever ridden it- one is trained for battle- one is extremely friendly, to anyone
also, today only, a flying bear mount, who is skinny and emaciated and who is very old 
(a basic mount gets 2d8 HD, AC12, +2 tohit, 1d4+2 damage. add stuff as required. suggested prices: 50g for a regular mount, or 300g for a good one, or 800g for a special. haggle.)
Game design ally and player of mine Matt Rundle has started a blog called Evil Baboons or perhaps Mandrils, and is making things like this Ostler generator. I'm going to use it, and then I'm going to stare at my pun awhile in numb revulsion.

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